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Lua Carreira


In 2019, Lua founded MoonWalk.Reverse in order to give a more solid base to her choreographic researches. The project gave her the possibility to develop interdisciplinary works by crossing the paths of emerging artists and promoting collabs in performing arts. Lua is co-founder of Emfim - Associação do Artista, non-profit organization which supports the project.


During her academic path, Lua had the opportunity to present her first choreographic experiences: Crane (2014) and Easy Rider (2015) at the National Conservatory; 2506 (2016) and The Door (2017) at the Ballet Junior de Genéve. In 2019, she premiered her first piece on a professional context, Lîla - Free Play, co-created with Umut Ozdaloglu and in 2020, she gave birth to the second co-creation with the dramaturg and actress Adriana SáCouto, A Morte do Artista. She did My Heaven is Better Than Yours for Quorum Project in 2020 and Kind of Blue in 2021.


After finishing her studies at the National Conservatory of Lisbon in 2015, Lua persued her professional career as a dancer at Ballet Junior de Genéve, Switzerland, under the direction of Patrice Delay and Sean Wood. In 2017, she integrated the dance company EgriBianco Danza, Italy, directed by Raphael Bianco. Since 2019 she freelances as a dancer and collabs in many projects in dance,  theatre and cinema.

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