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Captura de ecrã 2022-07-16, às 13.06.00.png
Unmanned Space Probe: Image
Captura de ecrã 2022-07-16, às 12.57.15.png
Unmanned Space Probe: Image
Unmanned Space Probe: Image
Unmanned Space Probe: Image


 In this performance installation, I raise questions about the desire that human beings have to know and occupy new spaces, even if they transcend their physical capacity. In a horizontal square structure drawn from the dimensions of my own body, a suspended mass of helium balloons reveals other possible structures in the vertical plane. Despite my incessant desire to seize and act on this territory, my body becomes aware of the restraint necessary to simply activate this device from a distance, without corrupting it.

The discovery of new frontiers, the exploration of energy sources, the limits of gravity, ontological issues such as existence, being and reality, are universes that are part of my presence in front of this installation.

Premiere: 24th July 2022, Desvio, Lisbon, Portugal 

Concept and performance created by Lua Carreira

Unmanned Space Probe: About
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