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Premiered on the 21st September, 2020

The ideal of heaven and perfection inside each one of us.

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Premiered on the 11th July 2020, Lisbon, Portugal

Flattened is a choreographic collaboration between Lua Carreira, Hugo Marmelada and Patricia Keleher.

The three artists join together for an exploration and reflection on the times of apathy and inertia they have recently experienced.
They dance on live electronic music composed by Christian Vismara and videos by Sebastian Bolenius.
The dancers cross their desire to create which, despite the difficulties, seeks a break from the restrictions imposed. The piece is born from the desire to express three distinct experiences in a new paradigm that calls for artistic regeneration, creative expression and social sharing.
The performance is a map of present and future pasts that question time, space and all the emotions that are carried in them.

A Morte do Artista


Premiered on the 21st February 2020, Lisbon, Portugal

Dance and theatre performance, choreographed by Lua Carreira and written by Adriana SáCouto. Created through the persue of light by the artist. A path that have never had a beggining and carries the image of the end: the ilumination of a life that craves for a place where the restlessness of the mind allows the simple act of being in space, light and time.

Lîla - Free Play


Premiered on the 5th November 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

The piece arises through a dialogue between two guitars and two movers. Together, they form a tangled ensemble guided by spontaneity.  Connecting gesture and sound, the four artists get immersed in the exploration of Lîla: a free play of the inner dimensions of improvisation.

In a sense, all art is improvisation – Stephen Nachmanovich

So Lîla takes shape as a reflection about human life, love, communication, sharing the enjoyment of the present moment.